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 Content meant to encourage audiences
to “go within”, be it within themselves, enlightening conversations, and or within constructs ripe for reconstruction. 

Keeping My Eye 
On the 


 What is Inner-tainment?



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Escape From BooBooVille (a child-like show for grown-ass folk!)

“Escape From Boo-Boo-Ville” is a whimsical web series inspired by the wonder and power of having a beginner’s mind. Where, with the help of a host of characters, led by “Queen No Teefa”

and her clown-boobs, “Chuckle and Suck” we get to question the physical and non-physical expanses of the material and spiritual world. Balancing soulful interviews with people showing up as “Light-Workers” in this time of need, with segments that bring to mind children's shows of old, I invite viewers to explore all the wonder found in what many refer to as the “woo-woo”. And note the pendulum swings wacky and wide with points of entry for those who consider themselves spiritual seekers, all the way to those who “poo-poo” the notion! Think Pee-wee’s Playhouse (because - tongue in cheek nostalgia) meets Oprah (because - duh) meets little ‘ol me, sometimes sans teeth, rocking clown tits (because - I’m giving you the breast that I got!)  You’re welcome!

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The Misadventure of Clown Zer0 (MACZ) is a fictional, musical storytelling narrative for podcast. Ostensibly, the thirteen episode season is about a storm that threatens to destroy the world that the characters of MACZ reside in; but the true subject of the show are the events, revelations, and life-lessons that occur when a ponderous, misfit clown born without a "Mirth-mark", Clown Zer0, and their best friends, find themselves inside the storm itself. A veritable "Should-Storm" in fact, all in search of Clown Zer0’s nose (the narrator of our tale) who has left  Zer0’s body to prove a simple point: that Zer0 is not the misfit story that they’ve been telling themselves and that there’s a hero inside all of us. 


Resembling something of an adult storybook for the modern age the podcast takes inspiration from classics like The Wizard of Oz and The Phantom Tollbooth to tell a  quirky, non-traditional modern-day fable that confronts both the high-brow quandaries of a self-aware existence and the low-brow realities of everyday life. In an age that is so digitally “connected”, MCAZ seeks to unplug it’s listeners’ anxieties by allowing them to dive into a mirrored, cartoon fantasy that’s just familiar enough to reflect their own nature. So as the misfit, “every-clown” goes on their journey of self-discovery, care, reflection, and empowerment — MCAZ invites its listeners to do the same. 



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 “All Up in a White Woman’s Closet” is a one-woman adventure inside the psyche

tracing the journey of a young woman in search of self and of racial identity.

This she does by way of a much cluttered closet and much to her horror,

a metaphysical mammy she’s somehow manifested to help clean it! Jammed

within this symbolic closet are hidden all the subconscious notions amassed

over the ages by her ancestors. Looming in long forgotten corners are stuffed

all the memories accompanying foremothers and fathers who found

themselves helplessly absorbed into a culture not their own.

The closet, which extends into the audience, reflects this.

In addition to housing costume pieces to be used during the show

the space overflows with “Darky Art”, gross African-American caricatures of old.

These unsettling sights, coupled with skin-bleaches, hair relaxers and straightening combs etc. serve as archival testament to how people of color have seen themselves depicted over the years, thus illuminating and seeking to heal the subsequent self-loathing the images have at times spawned. The general premise of the closet then is to give voice to an assortment of characters as they try to find their proper place within an ever-changing society that long ago consumed them but would now prefer to forget why or how. This it does through a series of vignettes that cross the spectrum of time, sex and circumstance, both real and or imagined. By sorting through the myriad of things placed within the closet by those making the arduous journey from being themselves mere property to the owners thereof, we arrive at our theme: Once a character is exposed and given life, the closet’s collective consciousness is then freed of it. By exposing and theatrically disposing of this mythic closet’s dirty secrets and asking the question what does racial justice look like in it today, the play hopes to establish a platform of discourse giving people around the world cause to look into their own experiential closets in answer. 

All Up in a White Woman's Closet

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